Your Family

(Teacher: Charles Stanley)

Trust God To Do What Only God Can Do

When you have done everything you know to do to protect your family from evil . . . when you have put into place the very best defense and offense against the devil that you know to establish . . . it is time for you to trust God to act in the lives of your family members in the way only God can act.

Trust Him to convict your loved ones of sin.

Trust Him to save and heal your family members.

Trust Him to protect and provide for your children.

Trust Him to do what only God can do in any given circumstance.

You are not the “savior” of your family members, and neither are you their “lord.” Jesus alone is Savior and Lord. Ultimately, we each must submit our life to God and follow Him out of our own volition.

I believe, however, that as you act and pray with faith, God will protect and provide, now and forever!


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