Did You Know?-Misc From Matthew

Whitewashed Tomb (Matthew 23:27)

(from the Archaeological Study Bible)

• There were no sexual relations during a Jewish betrothal period, yet it was a much more binding relationship than a modern engagement—breakable only by divorce (Matthew 1:18).

• No one living in the desert hesitated to eat insects, and locusts were among the ceremonially clean foods of which the Jews were free to partake (Matthew 3:4).

• Most of the salt used in Israel came from the Dead Sea and was full of impurities, causing it to lose some of its flavor (Matthew 5:13).

• People in ancient times commonly hid valuables in fields (e.g., when a marauding army approached), since there were no banks (Matthew 13:44).

• A person who stepped on a grave became ceremonially unclean, so graves were whitewashed to make them easily visible, especially at night (Matthew 23:27).


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