Interesting Facts About Mark


(Taken from “The Essential Bible Companion,” written by Walton, Strauss, Cooper)

•For its length Mark relates more miracles of Jesus than the other gospels.
•Mark delights in a literary device known as “intercalation,” where one story is interrupted by another and the two mutually interpret each other. See the examples in 5:21-43 and 11:12-25.
•The motif of amazement is common throughout Mark, as people marvel at Jesus’ astonishing words and deeds.
•Most scholars think that Mark was the first gospel written and that Matthew and Luke used his gospel and other sources when they wrote.
•Some think Mark himself may appear in this gospel, that he is the young man who fled naked in the strange episode related in Mark 14:51-52. Unfortunately there is no evidence to prove or disprove this.


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