Our Study Guide


God’s Word, The Holy Bible, is where (I believe) we find everything we need to know for now about ourselves, other people, this journey called ‘Life,’ and our eternal future. I also believe that we will learn much more when the time comes for ALL things to be revealed to us. For now though, I think God gives us enough information to work with in order to understand and succeed.

I’m glad that there are many good Preachers and Teachers though, who are able to help with this lifelong learning process. They have a way with thoughts and words that I simply do not, so I’m grateful for their encouragement. These are the folks who will teach our Sunday School classes, I’ll announce the name of each teacher (and/or reference book) at the beginning of every post, I’m sure you’ll recognize many of them.

With each entry there will always be a spot to post your comments, questions, thoughts, experiences, etc…let’s help each other learn so we can share with even more souls.


(Update: Most posts are now categorized under “Teaching & Preaching”)


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