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February 17, 2013

I’m really enjoying the Bible Gateway App from It’s free, and it’s full of great features – tons of Bible translations, daily reading plans, Bible audio, highlighting and note-taking, and wonderful side-by-side Bible study resources. I thought you might enjoy it, too! Download it for free here:


Being A Bondservant Isn’t Easy

February 10, 2013

Teacher: Donna Morley

“Being a bondservant isn’t easy. I know. While I’ve had some victories, I’ve also made mistakes when I’ve shared Christ with others. Sometimes I’ve depended too much upon my own wisdom or I’ve been argumentative in my effort to get a point across. But I’ve been learning that no amount of trying to convince people will, by itself, yield spiritual fruit. God meant the sharing of our faith to be a supernatural process where we are completely dependent upon Him to work through us. And work through us He will (Hebrews 13:21), helping us be effective bondservants as we make the most of a great asset–prayer.”

Children Are Naturals

August 27, 2012

Children delivering food to an outreach ministry pantry.
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Children Are Naturals

(excerpt from “Conspiracy Of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach To Sharing The Love Of Jesus With Others”” by Steve Sjogren)

“There must be more to life than having everything!”—Maurice Sendak

Most families are under increasing time pressures. In spite of the hectic pace of life, my wife and I make it a priority to take our children out to do service projects twice a monh. We believe that they would be receiving an incomplete spiritual education if they only read Bible stories and spent time in Sunday School. Our children need to learn that getting outside the four walls of the church to interact with the lost and the poor is a normal part of the Christian life.

We take our children along on church buses which have been especially designed for ministry to the poor. We had the seats removed and replaced with racks for food and clothing so that each bus is capable of hauling one hundred fifty bags of groceries and enough clothes to outfit a small army. Once we load up, we drive to various parts of town where we can find a concentration of folks in need. Since the poor often lack transportation to reach sources of help, we remedy this by going to them! Once we arrive, we turn on some contemporary Christian music and begin to invite the neighborhood out for free food and clothes.

The church of today needs a new perspective on the role of children in ministering to the needs of others. They are capable of being used powerfully. The boy Samuel proved that he could hear God’s call, accurately discern God’s will, and even prophesy regarding the future. Too often children have been seen only as the future church, when in reality they are a vital part of the church today, whatever their age. Unless we can give these little ones a more important role in outreach we will miss the opportunity of having some of our best evangelists touch the world. For their own sake, our children need to grow up in a home built not on a theory of Christianity but on the ongoing expression of God’s love and grace to others.


August 4, 2012


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